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Top ten reasons to join the WVU Soils Team

10. Earn college credit (AGRN 125)
9. Learn about the soil resources of West Virginia (and other southeastern states) and how to evaluate them for land use applications
8. Frequent field trips, fewer lectures
7. Work toward an all-expenses* paid trip to Auburn, AL, for the 2016 Southeast Region Collegiate Soils Contest in October 2016
6. Get to compete against Virginia Tech in something now that they are in a different athletic conference
5. Broaden your horizons…or at least know how to identify them
4. Have an excuse to get dirty
3. Make new friends and interact with other students with similar interests
2. Add to the history of success here at WVU

And the number 1 reason to join the WVU Soil Team is…

1. Learn skills that will set you apart from others and help get you a job